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IRITRAK® "Gives new meaning to no children left behind."

The IRITRANS® Safety and Security System provides school districts an access control system to manage risk and keep students safe. IRITRANS is an American made product with corporate locations in California and Arizona. Until now there has never been a solution that tracks students during school transportation with 99.9% accuracy and consistency. IRITRANS was developed with the primary focus on Special Needs transportation requirements because those students are most at risk in general and the application requirements are the most difficult to address completely. For over a decade the use of Radio Frequency ID or student ID cards using bus mounted card readers. This antiquated form of student transportation tracking has proven to be undependable, unreliable or even lacking security of the embedded student ID information. IRITRANS is a ground-breaking iris biometric access control solution that is non-intrusive and performs with 99.9% accuracy and consistency using the highest levels of student ID security. The system provides school districts with real-time bus locations by the use of GPS and most importantly, the specific identity of all students on board. Each student is scanned with a handheld iris scanner when boarding and exiting the bus. The scan takes only one to two seconds per student and provides the district with tracking history reports for each child. Parents can also have the option to receive notifications via text message immediately providing the time and locations when their child boards or exits the school bus.

About Us
  •   Real-Time Student and Bus Tracking
    The IRITRANS iris biometric identification system tells transportation administrators specific students are on the school district buses real-time and history reports documenting student locations boarding and disembarking the buses. The IRITRANS GPS allows administrators to know real-time where buses are located including the bus driver’s driving activities at all times.

  •   Mobility Scanning Boarding and Disembarking
    Mobile scanning addresses special needs student requirements for boarding and disembarking from all loading or unloading points inside or outside of the bus.

  •   Sleeping Student Safety Check
    IRITRANS is a tablet computer internet connected to transportation administrators that unlike a mechanical component, cannot be tampered with or disabled. When the driver ends his daily route, IRITRANS alerts the driver if a student previously boarded remains on the bus and will instruct the driver to search the bus front to back. As an additional safeguard and in compliance with California's Senate Bill No. 1072 "Child Safety Alert System" requirement. Prior to the driver ending his daily route, IRITRANS instructs the driver to inspect the bus from front to rear and scan a unique identifier mounted at the rear of the bus that documents date and time of the inspection.

  •   Field Trip Student Accountability
    The IRITRANS field trip mode automatically calculates the boarding and disembarking activity of students. An audible and visible alarm will notify the driver if any student that rode the bus to the trip destination is not on the bus when the bus is ready to return to the school site.

  •   Real-Time Parent Notification App
    IRITRANS will notify parents via text message when their children are safely on the bus in the morning and where and when they exit the bus at school and when the child exits the bus after school. This is an excellent opportunity to turn the IRITRANS system into a district profit center.

  •   Real-Time Trip and Stop Flexibility
    In real-time the driver has the capability, with the dispatch administration approval, to instantly and easily adjust the student rosters on their route in the event of overloads, bus breakdowns other major or minor emergencies.

  •   Route/Stop Changes or Generating Custom Reports
    Transportation administration is able to add or change route stops during or prior to daily trips. This functionality is very important in daily Special Needs trip management. When you have a computer on a school bus combined with student travel data it provides the opportunity to implement custom reports such as "Miles and Minutes" or other needed reports can be easily implemented.