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Gives new meaning to no children left behind.


The future is here for school transportation and other school district departments having real-time access to combined GPS school bus locations and more importantly, the accurate real-time ID accountability of all students’ onboard district buses or any other district surroundings or events where accurate student identification is required.



IRITRANS –Transportation Module

Student safety and security are of top priority to each and every school district and what's even more important is the timely or real-time identification of each student when it becomes essential. The IRITRAK® Student Identification System is a mobile ground-breaking biometric solution that is nonintrusive and employs the highest levels of ID security. It provides school districts administrators with a secure and encrypted student ID system and provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their children have been identified and verified safe. IRITRAK employs additional identity tracking modules not limited to student transportation. The IRITRAK solution modules address numerous other district departments when identity validation is needed.

IRITRANS® School Transportation Features

✔ Real-Time Student and Bus Tracking

✔ Mobility Scanning Boarding and Disembarking

✔ Sleeping Student Safety Check

✔ Field Trip Student Accountability

✔ Real-Time Parent Notification App

✔ Route/Stop Changes or Generating Custom Reports

EvacTrack – Evacuations Module

In today's environment, a crisis can happen at any time, anywhere affecting school district operations. School evaluations have become more frequent than previously ever anticipated resulting in the need for schools to become well prepared for any potential emergency. In the event an incident requires a school site to evacuate, communications between the school district administration, school site personnel, law enforcement and parents/guardians can become extremely challenging. During these events, there may be hours before any notification is made available as to which students were evacuated or their locations are known leaving parents in despair of knowing if their child is safe. Until now, there has not been an expeditious way for school district administration to know which students have been evacuated to a specific location, particularly in the case where a pre-designated evacuation site may be re-routed so that accurate information can be used to reunite parents/guardians with their children. EvacTrack© has remedied this huge communication problem through access control biometric identification technology that identifies students evacuated from their school site and their off-site evacuation location. EvacTrack© ensures that school districts will know who and where their students have been safely transported and enable this information to be shared with multiple predetermined school site personnel to communicate good, accurate data.

TripTrack Module

Its parents and school administrators worst night mare when students are not returned home from a field trip. TripTrak now removes all risk of students being left behind on a field trip. As students disembark the school bus at the designated trip location, they are validated with TripTrak exiting the bus and then validated again boarding the bus for the return home to the selected location. If any student failed to register boarding the bus for the return trip, TripTrak alerts the trip supervisor with an audible and visible alarm. In addition, TripTrak sends an alarm to selected school administrators prior to the bus leaving the trip destination. Students left behind on field trips is a very common occurrence in school districts nationally even approaching epidemic proportions.

IRITRAK® "Gives new meaning to no children left behind."

Why IRITRANS was developed and is the ideal solution!

Each year there are numerous reports of students getting on the wrong bus, getting off at the wrong bus stop, not returned home from field trips or even worse, left sleeping not getting off the bus at all -- in some cases with fatal consequences. Student RF-ID card systems have been used for over a decade and still being deployed in some school districts in an attempt to accurately track students during school transportation. ID cards are proven to have inherent functioning limitations and failures. ID cards are easily lost, forgotten, misplaced or even traded. The card can be on the bus but the correct student isn’t.


Technology advancements of mobile “Iris Biometric” access control have made it possible for perfecting this ideal student transportation safety and security solution.

The IRITRANSIris Biometrics” access control system is the only 99.9% ideal solution available today. IRITRANS is compliant with the California's Senate Bill No. 1072 "Child Safety Alert System" requirement becoming law on or before January 1, 2018. IRITRANS completely separates itself from any other student tracking solution on the market with its mobility, accuracy, and student ID security. IRITRANS has exclusive features for crisis management and emergency response that include disaster preparedness and school evacuation procedures. IRITRANS is a completely flexible platform that can be deployed as a stand-alone system or easily integrated into standard routing software packages for additional feature functionality. Contact us today for a demonstration and district specific presentation.